Louisvilles Silent Guardians

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Louisvilles Silent Guardians

An informal tour of 19th Century Bas Relief Architectural Details in Louisville KY

Photos and maps of bas reliefs on buildings and homes.

They’ve been up there watching for over a century. They’ve seen generations go about their daily business – being born, living, dying.  They were born themselves during the dawn of Louisville’s commerce in the late 1800s – and more were added until Black Friday 1929 brought the curtain down.

 Now many are forgotten, watching silently over abandoned doorways and rooftops. They wait patiently for someone, sometime to look up and see them there.

For Sale at the Old Louiville Information Center in Central Park & Available from Amazon.com


Happy to meet-up and sell books at my local dive bar in Old Louisville.  Just make appointment through above email.

For Sale at the Old Louisville Information Center in Central Park

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This is where you can buy it at Createspace: https://www.createspace.com/4498242?ref=1147694&utm_id=6026

Amazon will tell you it costs $99.99 - don't believe it!  The book is only $8.00 at Createspace, sillies. 

The picture below is of a ufo I photographed while visiting the Southwest.  It's behind the mountain, so it's really not a good view.